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6 Week 6 Pack: Week 6 Day 38

Day 38: blah!

I’m just so over this. This workout DVD needs to be over NOW! I still have 4 days left of the same damn workout. I slacked off during it majorly yesterday, still slacked today but not as bad. As much as I want to be done with this, I don’t want to spend the entire last week barely doing it. I’m taking a break. A short one, only a few days, but I need it. I want my last 4 days to be powerful, not bored and defeated. I think a short break from working out will help re-motivate me, and the timing is perfect. So with that, see you in a few! <3 I’ll still be eating smart and drinking like a fish!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 6 Day 37

Day 37: procrastination is the enemy.

I really really did NOT want to work out today. There’s no real reason why, I guess that’s just the lazy in me taking over. While I’m working out, it really helps to focus on other things, like objects in the room, or my nails! Ever since I started working out hardcore in June, I have been painting my nails a different color every week, and in it’s own weird way, it actually helps me workout. It also helps me keep track of time, and painting them and buying new polish is like a mini reward for surviving another week. The little things like that can really help you stay on track. I was admiring my metallic purple nails all through my workout today. I was also taking it easy, for no reason other than laziness. As long as I still work up a sweat and keep my body moving, I can’t complain, I’m still in the race. I’m doing my best to save up my skip days for Tuesday-Wednesday because I will not be sleeping much. If your a gamer nerd like me, you know why! LOL

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 6 Day 36

Day 36: ”This takes determination.

This takes courage. I paid for this DVD, and I’m gonna get my money’s worth Jillian! YOU HEAR ME!?”

Believe me, I was a busy little bee today, and I didn’t even get home till 10pm! But you know what? I threw all excuses out the window and worked out anyway. This is week 6! I am unstoppable! rawrrrrrr! aaaaaand… my right calf feels injured somehow, but it’s not too bad- I think by tomorrow I’ll be fine and ready to conquer another day. If not, there’s always ice packs!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 35

Day 35: SO GOOD!

WEEK 5 COMPLETE!!!! I did sooooo good and it feels soooo good! I’m so excited to have the final week, right here, staring at me! I had my doubts that I could do this, as it was a much harder commitment than the 30 day shred, but here I am- finish line in view! I still hate this workout, which is making the end of it that much sweeter!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 34

Day 34: bow to the queen of burpees!

Yes, I have mastered the burpee. I really used to hate them, but now I do them so well its like nothing! My workout went fine today- worked hard, and it felt great to cross another day off. I still don’t see myself NOT taking a break during this workout- I don’t think its possible,… infact, I think the camera cuts away at a point and they all take a breather (but that’s just what I tell myself to feel less weak haha). 

Anyway, today is the 19th, which means I took my traditional “flexing” picture after my workout! I used to be so ashamed of my arms, so these pictures make me feel worlds better!

I wasn’t expecting much a difference, so you can see the lack of enthusiasm there (lol), but I’m surprised by the results! I really wish I had a picture like this for June, because that was me at my worst! If it weren’t for these monthly pictures I wouldn’t even believe they look any different. Take pictures people! Not only is it fun, but it’s excellent motivation!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 33

Day 33: drained!

Boy did I not want to workout today! I took a short walk with my husband, and was pooped! My allergies were acting up again and that tends to drain my energy. I spent almost all day yesterday “walking” (in quotes because we walk super fast) at the park with him yesterday and skipped the video. Perfectly fine with that, seeing I got plenty of exercise, but no way was I gonna skip today. I started out lazy, barely doing the low to highs, but halfway through I could feel my nose clearing, and with that new breath I pushed through and did above average! Feeling accomplished and glad I didn’t wuss out.

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 32

Day 32: is it over yet?

With only a week and 3 days left, I am sleeping through this workout. I don’t mean it’s become easy- it’s just so torturous and boring! It has become difficult to put more than average effort into it at this point. I’m just swimming through it now, but I’m hoping my attitude will change once I hit that final week. When I workout I want to really make it count, and I’m still skipping around 4 mins total of the routine right now, just laying there, waiting for it to be over. Ugh. It’s hard to be proud of that, but I am trying. After working out and feeling somewhat defeated, I did some push-ups and held an ultra low plank for 30secs. Back in June, I could do neither of those things. That was a helpful reminder of how worth it this all is, to see the change is wonderful, but to feel the change is powerful!

Why does getting in shape have to be so hard? I guess if it were easy, everyone would do it, and what’s so great about that?

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 31

Day 31: Know when to stop.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned since I started taking my health seriously is knowing when to stop. When it comes to eating, I now know what full is. I thought I knew what full was before, but no, full means no longer hungry, not “omg food coma time”. I also know when to stop as I workout. Iv’e learned to push myself, go go go go go go go then stop, catch breath, then go go go go go go go! High intensity training is all I want to do now. I don’t have much else to say today when it comes to my workout. I did it even with a headache, and it was an average performance. I’m really proud that I’m still going strong. Now is no time to stop, it’s time to go go GO! Keep going everyone!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 30

Day 30: Whatever it takes.

I deserve a round of applause today, because I managed to fit working out into a tight schedule AND at someone else’s home to boot! I’m actually still there right now and will be till late into the night cat sitting and doing load after load of laundry.

So I’m at my parent’s house and this computer is so old and slow I can’t even make this post look right (I’ll fix it later). lol oook… fixed!

After my workout my face was as red as a tomato, so you know I went hard. I’m still skipping some reps, and doing this workout perfectly seems impossible, but I still have week 6 to test that theory. I feel fantastic now that I’m no longer sick and back into beast mode.

AND while I’m here I’m taking back my 30 Day Shred DVD! My mom did it a few times, but found it too painful to continue. wuss! haha jk… but I’m super excited to do the shred a second time around once I’m done with this DVD. Of course, you probably already knew that because I mention it all the freakin’ time!

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 Day 29

I went to bed last night thinking “tomorrow is the day I get back on track!”, but here I am, not working out.

After being sick for what felt like forever, I’m finally feeling well enough to work out again. The entire time I was sick, all rules were out the window. I bought a half gallon of ice cream, had fast food TWICE, and barely broke a sweat other than the times my fever got a little high. 

I missed writing here. I missed working out. I missed sweating. I missed eating right. I missed the feeling of progress. So why am I literally afraid to push play and continue the 6 Week 6 Pack? I suddenly feel so incapable and unfit, like one push-up would be the death of me.

I guess part of it is that I hit my Day 60, and if I finish the 6 Week 6 Pack, then start the 30 day shred, my Day 90 would be halfway through the shred, and everything would be unbalanced. When I think about it, that unbalance really discourages me. I also feel so out of shape again that putting in level two of the 6 pack right now would mean me laying on the floor not keeping up. 

But another part of me is saying “so what!? finish what you started or you’ll regret it! throw yourself back into this or it will only get worse!” and you know, as I sit here typing this and thinking about it, that part of me is right. Who cares if it’s uneven days or that im tired? These are some of the lamest excuses yet! You know what? I’m just gonna get up right now and go do it. I’m gonna finish my 6 Week 6 Pack.

Day 29: Crazy talk!

The post you see up there was my cop-out. That was me quitting the 6 Week 6 Pack and rationalizing that it would be okay to stop. No. I was about to not work out today even though I don’t have much else to do. What was I thinking? Maybe I still am a little sick… sick in the head for ever thinking I could just skip these last 2 weeks. I told myself once I survive these 6 weeks I could do round two of the 30 day shred, and that’s what I’m sticking to. I want this. I want to see more change, and I need to work hard for that to happen. Nothing good ever comes from excuses. After living like my old self this past week, I guess my mind reset to my old ways with my “I can’t” attitude. I’m glad I snapped out of it and realized that, and I’m putting an end to that today. Within the first 5 mins of working out I felt my strength again. I felt fit again. That’s all it took was that small push to start, and now we have our momentum again. Towards the end of the video I did take some extended breaks, but I did better than I thought I would after a long hiatus and a bad attitude. 

I’m sorry for the exceptionally long post today, but if I didn’t write all that I might would have never worked out today.

Sep 5

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 5 (pause)

Yesterday I mentioned that I had a sore throat. Well, throughout the night and all today it became even worse and a fever joined in on the fun. So naturally, I will not be working out while I am sick. My week 5 will start once I’m feeling better again, and my “day 30 after photos” will be pushed back too. I haven’t been sick in a long time and this really hit me hard. Time to lay back down till this medicine-haze goes away.

Sep 4

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 4 Day 28

Day 28: Can’t hold me down!

Week 4 COMPLETE!!! Despite feeling “off” all day, I was still able to have an A+ workout. I only missed a set of T-stands (can you tell I don’t like those? haha) and the rest went smoothly. I really hope I’m not coming down with something, as my sore throat is getting progressively worse throughout today. 

In other news, I had the opportunity to weigh myself on my mom’s scale (the only scale I trust because she’s obsessed with keeping it accurate) and to my extreme pleasure I had lost an additional 10lbs since I last stepped on it (July 28th) giving me a total of 21 pounds lost since June! I was so proud to update my little sidebar to say 21! Also, I have a brand new food craving of salad! I finally found a dressing I really like, and now all I want is salad ALL THE TIME! This is going so great guys, I couldn’t do it with out you!

Sep 2

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 4 Day 27

Day 27: Dude, where’s my six pack?

I think I failed to mention until now- I’m not actually expecting a “6-pack” at the end of this. My belly still has a number of layers to melt away before I get to see whats underneath, but I know there’s a “6-pack” in there somewhere! I honestly don’t care if I never have a six pack- I would just be happy with a flat tummy, and if I get a six pack in the process, great! Even though my body’s not in good enough shape yet to see those abs of steel, the video is still a good full body workout, and great for building some hardcore stamina. Doing all this strength training right from the start has shown great results for me. I never understood why people focus on losing weight first and then only begin toning once they reach their goal weight. Why not tone from the start? Building up your muscles now makes everything easier in the long-run, and helps you burn more calories even when your just sitting around!

I definitely won’t be seeing a 6-pack anytime soon if I have more days like today. My workout was a struggle from begging to end, but I sort of set myself up for that when I decided to roll out of bed and workout right away. Morning workouts just aren’t for me, and today truly proved that. I had tried an early workout before and had awful results, but I thought maybe that’s because I was working out on a empty stomach. So this time around I had a breakfast fiber bar, waited a few minuets, then got cracking. The energy was nowhere to be found. I missed an entire set of chops, T-stands, and standing oblique crunches. My bad! I only had two options today- either suffer through an early morning workout or make it askip day, and seeing I will be having a skip day at the beach all day tomorrow, the morning option just had to do. So it wasn’t my best workout, but I can’t be too hard on myself- I am still trying and that’s what really counts. The effort is there.

Sep 1

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 4 Day 26

Day 26: Only time will tell!

With only 4 more workout days till my next round of after photos, I took a good long look in the mirror trying to figure out if I would be pleased or disappointed at what the pictures would reveal. I have been eating a lot of pizza lately… uh-oh. Honestly, I have no idea if my body will look any different in the photos. As for my workout today, the thought of those photos was just the motivation I needed, and I tore it up! I only missed one rep of T-stands to catch my breath, so that would make today my best performance yet of Level 2! The sweat was dripping off me- boy does that cooldown feel good afterwords! That’s the only part of this video I like- the cooldown stretches feel amazing! On to the next day…

6 Week 6 Pack: Week 4 Day 25

Day 25: Quitters never win.

Yesterday I skipped “working out” but I did walk over 6 miles (yes I carry a pedometer everywhere) in the blazing heat! Then that night my allergies kicked in full swing from being outside all day. So I traded the stuffy nose for drowsiness by taking some medicine, and I have been in a haze all day. As I was working out today I could feel all the medicine and my breakfast sloshing around in my stomach. I had to take it easy. I HAD to! My no-tolerance policy for excuses has been extra lenient lately. I laid on the floor quite a few times, missing a little over 5mins of the video. Not feeling great about it, but at least I still tried with the way I’m feeling. I know old Renee would of skipped today completely. Old Renee can suck it.