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Jun 8
56 pounds. gone!

56 pounds. gone!

Reflecting on 1 Year of Fitness

Wow! This is the longest I have ever stuck to a diet/exercise plan, and it has been the easiest one too! Maybe that’s because I decided I wasn’t going to sacrifice any of the foods I loved, and I was going to accept that I’ll never like working out, it’s just going to be something I’ll have to do. With that in mind, I did the toughest workouts I could get my hands on! Forget fun, I want effective! I also discovered the wonders of water!

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Jun 8

Ripped In 30 Review

Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30


This workout DVD includes four separate workouts, each have their own warm-up followed by 3 circuits of high intensity training- 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, and 1 min abs, repeat. All four workouts are unique and have completely different moves for every circuit. There’s a workout for each week, and they increase in difficulty. Each workout is around 25-30 mins total. Most of the moves have an advanced and a beginner’s version demonstrated by the background girls.

   on Jillian: 

She may be known as TV’s toughest trainer, but she’s not as aggressive as you might expect from seeing her on The Biggest Loser. She’s a solid motivator in this series, very encouraging, and she knows it hurts. If you want a trainer who’s not all smiles and tells it like it is, Jillian is your girl. She does take time to joke around with her two background girls, who are inspiring in their own right, and she keeps the mood light throughout each workout. Jillian herself skips most of the routine to better demonstrate form and keep you focused on pushing through it. That’s the only thing I don’t like about her workouts, as I want to see her suffer as well! At the end of the final week, she gives a long, proud speech that feels very rewarding, and she even applauds your effort. Despite her not  fully participating, she says all the right things at all the right times to keep you going. She knows the workout is not all fun and games, that you’re probably at home struggling and wanting to quit, and does a great job reminding you of your goals and why you hit play in the first place.


If you’re familiar with her 30 Day Shred DVD, this series is the bigger, better, tougher version. It follows the same 3-2-1 strength-cardio-abs formula, and the routines are smartly choreographed to blend together. The movements are easy to follow along with good pacing, and by the end of each week I usually had it memorized. I was impressed with the variety found in each week, as you will never do the same move twice. Week 1 + 2 are very similar difficulties, only slightly harder than Level 2 of the 30DS (30 Day Shred). Then the Week 3 workout bumps the difficulty up several notches, even harder than Level 3 of the 30DS! It includes lots of advanced balancing moves, and was my favorite level of the series. Week 4 is tremendously challenging and has highly advanced moves only accomplished athletes will be able to conquer. My biggest struggle was the demanding cardio in Week 4, partnered with the lack of breaks or “resting moves”. It’s almost too hard, but it leaves you aspiring to complete the challenge. For such a short workout, these definitely pack a big punch!


Overall, I found each week of Ripped In 30 to be very rewarding and would highly recommend it. Especially if you liked her 30 Day Shred, you will definitely want to purchase this as well. The series caters well to both beginners and those looking for a challenge, and it’s an extraordinary value to have all four workouts in your collection after completing the series. Completing this series was well worth my time, as I have gained lots of strength, stamina, and lost around 10 pounds without even following the eating plan found on Jillian’s website! This DVD has become my favorite of all the Jillian workouts I’ve done! Highly, highly, highly recommend it!!!

If you have any questions, just ask! Be sure to follow my blog for all my future workout endeavours! 

Jun 6

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 30

Day 30: Crazy psycho! Ripped In 30 COMPLETE!!!

Wooooooooooooow! Surviving Week 4 is no easy task! If you just watch it and think it looks harmless- wait until you actually do it! My teeth even chatter at the end! That just goes to show how much effort I have put into my workout today! It has been pouring rain all day, so I let in a nice breeze and listened to the rain as I kicked butt! Fabulous! Almost therapeutic! I didn’t take any breaks today, but I did move slower at some points to catch my breath. Never stop moving! I still did 50% of the push-ups on my knees, but that’s really good for me! Overall, seeing I was sweating enough to fill a kiddie pool, I did mighty fine!

I am soooo happy that I completed RI30 and I am ready for the next challenge (soon to be announced!) It took more than 30 days for me to finish unfortunately… 67 days to be exact! But I knew when I started I was going to hit bumps along the way and I don’t think you should ever wait to start a “30-Day” style program until you have those 30 consecutive days available, just go for it and pick up from where you left off! I had a big gap of missed workouts at the end of April for family reasons and a trip out of state, plus my usual random rest days, but I’m not going to let that make this any less of a victory. I stuck with it, and ultimately got the job done. Go me!!! YES! I feel so strong, and free, and blissful that I have added powerful, positive workouts as part of my everyday life. I love it, and love how I feel.

I will write a detailed review of the Ripped In 30 program very soon! For now I need to go pat myself on the back and chug some water! woooooooo!

Jun 4

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 29

Day 29: I mean business.

Another lethargic day! It took me awhile to get to it again, but I finally hit play. I had to keep reminding myself of my goals…. only 1 day left of Ripped In 30, then I have my 1 year weightloss mark on the 19th- I want to not only meet my 40lbs lost goal, but surpass it. That means I need to work and I need to mean business. I pushed hard, and it feels really good to know I brought the effort today. Proud. Let’s do it again tomorrow!

Jun 3

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 28

Day 28: complain much?

ughhh you guysss! Week 4 is toooo hard!!! The cardio is ridiculous. I power-walked 6 miles with my husband yesterday and all that fresh air triggered my allergies hardcore. So it was either workout with tissues shoved up my nose, or take some medicine that would make me drowsy… I took the medicine. I think I sat around in my workout clothes for an hour before I finally got up and hit play! lol! I cannot wait for RI30 to end!

Jun 1

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 27

Day 27: too flippin hot!

I am not proud to say my workout went horribly today. Over the past few days I have been dealing with cramps and endless heat, and today wasn’t much different. Quite frankly, I’m working up a sweat just typing this! But I had to get back into the game- and that I did. We have been trying to save money on our electric bill by keeping the air off, but I think I’ll make an exception for workout time, otherwise it’ll just be me laying on the floor again, wondering why I even hit play because I’m already dripping sweat! lol! Yeah, we are pinching money tight these days since we’re planning to buy a house early next year. At least it’s helping me resist all the fast food/restaurant trips, because that ain’t cheap! Now I just need to learn some self-control when it comes to ice cream… haha!

Only 3 more days of RI30!!!

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 26

Day 26: compliments!

My workout was very strong today- still taking some breathers, but I am getting there! It seems just as I say I can do consecutive days working out something always happens where I’m out for the day or too busy, so I need to stop saying that! lol! But I did get to spend the day with family yesterday and I was greeted with so many compliments on my newly slimmer body, I can’t complain! It was great to hear, and I found myself thinking about it alot as I worked out today. Great motivation! Inspiring a family member to improve their fitness would be the ultimate compliment. If I keep going strong, hopefully they will see that if I can do it, so can you! 

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 25

Day 25: Awesome!

Finally a cold weather day = perfect day to workout profusely. Aw man, it feels good! I was near perfection today on the ultimate insane tough workout that is week 4! I slacked on the yoga push-ups again, but I conquered the burpee/scissor jump combo for the first time, and that wasn’t easy! Wheeeew!

Yesterday I did some swimsuit shopping and it was a drastic change from how things usually go. Literally every swimsuit was a keeper and it came down to what print I like best. For once it wasn’t all about belly bulging, thighs flopping, or butt cheeks falling out. Everything fit as it should, sizing was easy, and I felt comfortable for once! I’m still not going to wear a bikini anytime soon- but I have alot less to hide and be ashamed of these days. Keep it up everyone!

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 24

Day 24: improvement!

Is it considered cheating if you workout with the AC on? I had this same dilemma last summer… lol Anywho, regardless of the cool air, I still worked up a sweat, and I actually did really good today! I skipped the yoga push-ups, but the rest of my workout went fabulously! I am going a little slower on some moves, but I’m doing them, and that’s the important part! That last round of abs is killer!!!… and I did every single one today. :)

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 23

Day 23: scared.

After my first attempt at Week 4, I was feeling a little intimidated to do it again. The summer weather is finally heating up, and it has me feeling unmotivated to work up even more of a sweat. Time to face my fear! I compromised and turned on the air conditioner. Hey, if it’s the only way I can get myself working out on a hot day- then so be it. Week 4 is soooo hard guys. I feel so unprepared for this. I did my best…. my lazy, too hot for this best.

Ripped In 30: Week 4 Day 22

Day 22: Are you crying yet!?

No Jillian, I’m too busy sweating to cry. Week 4 is just as insane as I expected… but before I get further into that- I posted some new progress pics on my previous post so check that out!

I absolutely love Ripped In 30, and now that I have officially done every level I can officially say that. Week 4 starts with the usual challenging warm up, then circuit 1 happens and you’re like "okay, I can do this, this is fine." then circuit 2 starts and you’re like "hmm okay wow, that hurts, ouch, okay I can’t breathe." and then circuit 3 begins and you think "oh okay, now we’re cooling down..oh..nope woooow I’m dying…yup…dead.". I mean… scissor jumps… for real!? Combined with all them burpees? crazy! Chaturanga push-ups!? NO! Okay so, if you want some serious pain, week 4 is perfect for you, if you can even do the moves. This last week is going to be rough, but I’m looking forward to seeing myself improve little by little. At the end of the workout the 2 girls lay on the floor dead (not even kidding) and Jillian gives one hell of a speech! Don’t cheat and skip ahead, it’s the kind of speech you really need to earn by making it to week 4. She is such a great motivator and always says just what I need to hear. I’m going to look forward to hearing that after every week 4 workout.

150 days of PROGRESS!


Slow, steady, and winning the race!

Wave goodbye to 37 lbs!

More pictures inside…

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Ripped In 30: Week 3 Day 21

Day 21: Week 3 is COMPLETE!

I really gave it my all today. My “all” meant lots of breaks and huffing and puffing, but there was maximum effort, and that’s what counts. It was just nice to get back into things and move on from all the sadness and bad luck that keeps coming my way. I hope to finish this challenge with better continuity- I am in the final stretch!

Time is flying by so fast, and with my mind so preoccupied I completely forgot about my Day 150 photos in my totally unsexy, old blue swimsuit. I’ll throw that on tomorrow and give ya an update. I am very doubtful there will be any change from Day 120. There has been ups and downs and alot of bumps of brownies and ice cream. But on a positive note, all that aside, I am still here, still slowly heading to my fitness goals.

Ripped In 30: Week 3 Day 20

Day 20: losing it.

My workout today was lacking that extra “umph” again. I feel like I am losing the battle right now, and it’s not a good feeling. Of course, it’s hard to have a good workout when you’ve been crying all day. I was hoping some exercise would take my mind off the sad news I had awoken too…

Our family dog was put to sleep this morning. She had bad pneumonia and couldn’t keep anything down, including her medicine. I knew she wasn’t doing good over the weekend, but I had hope she would pull through again like she did when this happened last March. This morning her condition went from worse to horrible as she could barely breath anymore and became unresponsive. Despite all the vet trips and medicine, she couldn’t pull through. She was almost 11 years old. I didn’t get to say goodbye, it all happened so suddenly. If they hadn’t put her to sleep she would of been gone by the end of the day, and they didn’t want her to suffer any further. The last I saw her was almost 3 weeks ago, and she was healthy and happy then. Tomorrow I’ll be over my parent’s house, which won’t be the same without a big Collie walking around, licking everyone’s faces, and wagging her big, bushy tail. As sad as I am about what happened to our family dog, I feel even worse for my mother, who loved and treated her like another child, especially after me and my sister had moved out. It’s been a hard day for all of us, at least tomorrow I’ll be able to offer some hugs, and have the family all together. Don’t ever undervalue your’s, your pet’s, or anyone else’s health.